Time for an update…and there are many…part 3

(yeah, yeah, yeah… I know I’m slow. I’ve been busy. I swear.)

2020… yeah that was a year wasn’t it? Started it off on a pretty good high with the potential of many fruitful things. Work and in life especially. I polished off the last of the Mumfords tour in March and the future looking solid shortly thereafter with dates beginning with Harry Styles. Not to say, after getting home from my last show on Mums did I come down with something that (I know now) bared a huge resemblance to the C word. This was before the testing and vaccines though but I’m pretty positive it was…it. Thankfully I was due to be home for a few weeks so quarantine engage.

Then “The Break” happened, and one heck of a rollercoaster ensued. For the first time in my working life, since I’d say around 1997, I didn’t know what my next gig was going to really be and more importantly, when it was going to be. It was honestly surreal. Getting the message that all European shows were getting cancelled and postponed… and then the US following through shortly after. Industry wide, the affects were being felt by fellow road crew all the way from the top down to stage hands that I’ve known for years. Folks that depended on those gigs week to week and the checks that followed suit. Many who I know have yet to return to this business and probably never will now. I can only hope they’ve found something better and more fulfilling.

Myself? Well I went through the initial phase of “it’ll be over soon”, then it was “welp, this is a heck of a staycation”, to the “time to do some things I’ve always wanted to try”. This included a bunch of online classes and seminars that helped fill the days. I managed to gain some work as an online audio consultant for a company that helps design all facets of venues. From the ground up on some and some preexisting. It was a great expansion to my knowledge of audio and all that it affects in and around a venue. I also was able to help a popular YouTuber with his gaming servers and all those that were members. Many hours focused on coding data packs and plugins with even more hours of troubleshooting. That ended up being pretty consuming but in the end, hopefully, many found some joy in the projects I contributed to and for it.

The year became a modern day corralling of the wagons for me though. Watching what I spent and what I did became even more important. My focus narrowed severely. The most ever from what I can guess. The deep fear being that I was going to have to change my career after 20+ years into something I wasn’t ready for or worse yet, prepared to do. I mean, I’m not opposed to manual labor of most types. My job is littered with various amounts of it on a daily basis…but to stop and shift gears in a completely different direction takes planning, patience, and drive. And being stuck at home due to a nationwide quarantine, just isn’t the place to shift into a higher gear. I know now, that I was in a total mode to make sure that directional arrow didn’t change for me. I was determined to come out the other side in some sort of one piece. All in all, I ended up making it through the year with the hopes for a better 2021.

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Wha happened?

2021 started with much of the same drive and determination to stay afloat with the sanity and savings I had. Managed to to keep things on course thanks to some early days investing in crypto and stocks. Personally, the times were trying and I learned some things about me that I realized I needed to work on heavily. Work in progress I suppose even to this day!

Thankfully by the middle of the year things started to come back online work-wise for me. Started off with the opening of MSG with Foo Fighters filling in for a fellow co-worker Mr Smith who was dealing with the lockdown still in the UK at that time. What a heck of a start back I tell you… To not be around very many people for over a year and a half, and then start up with a show with upwards of 20,000 screaming fans was a humbling and surreal experience. Something I’ll never forget. Hearing that band fire up with the crowd cheering really doesn’t beat much out there.

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The reopening of MSG. Such a good show.

Unfortunately, before the show could happen, we had a massive loss to the camp near the end of rehearsal prep. One of the best stage managers I’ve ever had the privilege of working with passed away before we could get the show in at MSG. Andy Pollard was a legend and a driving force on the crew. I’ll never forget your stories of the carrot fly Andy and that look of victory on your face when telling the story. RIP sir and thanks for all the great experiences…

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Miss you Andy

After a few weeks of doing shows with Foos, Mr Smith was finally able to get across the pond. At that point I immediately turned my attention back to the tour I was supposed to do before the C thing… Mr Styles. After a few weeks of prep and rehearsals, we hit the ground running with me at the helm of another 360º tour. I’m starting to see a trend at this point of my career.

This carried me through the end of the year with a brighter future hopefully moving into 2022…

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Harry Styles – Love on Tour 2021 360º

Time for an update…and there are many…part 2

2019 started off strong with more shows with Foo Fighters, some lengthy runs with Mumford & Sons in the US. Did another round with the awesome folks of TED Talks up in Vancouver before heading over to Europe for Mums shows and some supplemental gigs with Pink while I was in the UK. Later on in the year, I did the start up for another Game of Thrones tour but only had to do a couple weeks of shows as I was jumping back out with Mumfords again for another fall run. We did some great festivals that year including Bottlerock, ACL, and iHeart in Vegas. I ended the year with the Late Show gig and some much needed time with the relatives.

Time for an update…and there are many…part 1

So yeah, it’s been a bit. Since my last real post, I’ve done a bunch of shows, had a longer than expected break, and then did a bunch more shows (thankfully). In and around that, I’ve had some ups and downs and thanks to many, I’ve managed to retain some sort of sanity in the process.

2017 finished up strong with some great runs with GoT, TED Talks, and Matchbox 20. See CV page for a little more in depth info.

2018 went just as well doing tours with Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, TED Talks again, GoT, as well as the start of a lengthy journey with Mumford & Sons. In and around those shows were a few other great events that helped fill in some gaps along with some R&R trips as well.

Matchbox 20 2017

After a few weeks off, I was able to join some old tour friends who I admire greatly. They offered me a gig as a monitor tech for Matchbox 20 on their 20 year anniversary tour. We played most of the shows with Counting Crows with Matt Nathanson or Rivers and Rust opening. Was nice to get behind the board in monitors again doing ears for the openers and helping the great Bob Lewis as he did his thing for MB.

Crazy circumstances hit from all sides on this run though. From bees infesting our speakers one show day, to sinkholes preventing our trucks from entering the venue. A few massive downpours, to even a skunk problem one day after a storm…we encountered enough delay of games to last us a couple years at least. Plus on top of that another wonderful flood situation at home in Houston put things on high alert. In the end, I came out ok but several friends lost a lot. Tough to watch from afar when you are working on the road.

TED 2017

TED 2017

TED 2017 in Vancouver

After the run for GoT was over, I ventured out into the corporate world for a few shows. One of them being the yearly event for TED Talks up in Vancouver, BC. An absolutely great bunch of people on the crew here and a great event overall to work on. Amazingly good talks here with live acts occasionally playing on the same stage. They actually build the entire theatre seating area in the convention center there and they do it in under a weeks time. PA done and floated in one afternoon with a few tweaks done a couple days later.

Game of Thrones US Tour 2017

The start of 2017 brought me my first freelance job as System Engineer for the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience. This featured conductor Ramin Djawadi who is the main composer for the show as well as several other projects such as Westworld, Pacific Rim and Iron Man. We deployed 8 main hangs of Meyer Lyon speakers for the in-the-round setting that was needed for the show. Long days and nights as this was a pretty huge production. Tons of video, pyro, and lights here and the crowds seemed to enjoy the shows quite well.

A Change of Pace… 2017 onward

Voodoo Fest 2016.jpg

After deciding long and hard about my current location and career, I decided at the end of 2016 to join the freelance world of live audio. Mostly decided out of the need to get closer to family. Being closer to help out when needed especially when I am home was the driving factor. Traveling back and forth from Wisconsin was getting expensive and only going to get worse over time. Losing the security of a staff position and the yearly jobs that contributed to my growing experience was going to be tough to match but something had to happen. So, with that all weighing on me I decided I wasn’t getting any younger and put in my notice. LD Systems was a great company to grow up in and I am very thankful for all the opportunities they offered me throughout the years.

With the passing of the new year, I began as a freelancer and it didn’t take long thankfully, to gain employment. First job being as the System Engineer for the Game of Thrones US tour in 2017. A big change of pace and speaker systems but I learned a lot and continue to do so. Pics to follow!



March Madness – Wisconsin Style

Here I am…in the middle of my 7th week of work straight I think…Now I’m in Indy doing the March Madness Music Festival after doing the Sweet 16 in Houston. Before that was the rodeo there. 

Been doing this NCAA festival for the past few years and have had some great acts on the bill. Three days of concerts and college basketball. 

This year though, it’s just a little bit better. My home state of Wisconsin is now in the final matchup against Duke. Seriously great stuff to be surrounded by so much red. Hoping they do well on Monday. 

I myself will be heading home early enough to watch the game if all goes well after I load out.  More after show on Sunday!

Friday was Cold War Kids, Weezer, & Imagine Dragons


Saturday featured Bleachers, Passion Pit, & Rhianna